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Acai Berry Scams: The Dark Side of Online Marketing

The Acai palm is a class of palm tree in the ‘Euterpe’ genre cultured for their crop and greater hearts of palm from the Brazilian rain forests. Global requirements for the crop has stretched swiftly in recent times, and acai is now refined for that reason principally. The acai berry is reaped as a food source and regarded as a pivotal plant species due to the fruit being a major element of their diet, by up to 42% food intake according to weight. In more recent times, the acai berry has been manufactured as a dietary supplement, with Companies disseminating acai berry products in the form of pills, concentrated juice, yoghurts, instant drink beverages, smoothies or eaten whole.


Health Benefit Claims

Producers of acai berries have started to make unproven declarations that this fruit possesses an array of health benefits, due to is ‘vast’ antioxidant properties – a claim unsubstantiated by any known scientific studies. What little known facts written do say that acai berries have only tolerable amounts of antioxidants, less than found in other fruits like black cherries, blueberries and the Concord grape. More disturbingly so, the scope to which polyphenols acts as nutritional antioxidants is at best, uncertain. In conclusion, there is no specific scientific deduction that the acai berry can help with significant weight loss. Acai berries have been claimed to reverse diabetic effects and other serious ailments. Certain preposterous claims have also included penis enlargement and amplifying sexual performance and stamina.

Health benefits connected to acai berries are still unfounded as of March 2009. Acai berry products have not been approved by the FDA, and their potency is highly questionable. Back in 2008, lawyers for the Oprah Winfrey Show began scrutinizing assumed reports from supplement produces who hinted that recurrent Oprah guest, Dr Oz had suggested acai berries as suitable for weight loss programs. As it turned out, neither Oprah nor Dr. Oz has never endorsed any acai berry products for weight loss and as dietary supplements.

Data given out by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in Washington D.C. stated that there are many unsuspecting consumers who have had major problems from halting recurrent credit charges even after eliminating free trials of using acai berry products. The situation worsens when websites giving out ‘warnings’ about acai-related scams are the ones who are the real culprits.


The Internet Influence on Acai Berries Scams

The public is constantly advocated to be suspicious of signing up for acai berries free trial products. Many Companies, using their websites, propagate acai berries as miracle cures and would offer customers very attractive free trials. These errant websites will proceed via aggressive marketing to lure customers, make premature charges on credit cards and at the end of the day, products were not sent on time. To add insult to the injury, the products are almost impossible to terminate. For many who seek to lose weight and falling for ‘miracle’ cures, the acai berry products have turned out to be their worst nightmare. Instead of losing weight, they end up losing money.

There are no miracle cures from the Brazilian rain forests that can make obesity disappear into oblivion. Irresponsible websites will end up charging exorbitantly for a product which delivers dismal results. Many claims were based on urban legends, conventional therapy and blatant lies. Some websites even have the audacity to put up false celebrity claims to lend more credence to their acai berry products. These acai berry scams are so rampant through fake blogs. Law enforcement is doing their best to bring these perpetrators to justice, but until then, consumers have to be careful and not fall for these acai berry scams.





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